Global Breath Consciousness Institute
"Distilling and Dispensing Satisfaction one conscious deep Breath at a time"

Began in Jamaica, forming the foundation of the Reverence for Life University. Now the experience expands into the Global Breath Appreciation Year. Follow this link to the GBCI Web site.

The Mission of the GBCI, SMI & RFLU  is to Share The Practice, as a life skill-set with every person in the world - one conscious deep breath at a time!

KISS - Keep it Simple Sweetheart

Step 1. Get your copy of The Practice and begin to follow the suggestions. You can get The Practice and The 4th "R" in the Pdf version of the Global Citizenship Passport.
Step 2. Join our Reverence for Life Fellowship, contact Desmond or Andy through the contact page.
Step 3. Share, Celebrate, Play, Register Your Breath in Your Consciousness and Your Consciousness in Your Breath.

The Practice the Breath Process: a short-course describing the effects of The Practice in our consciousness and lives - including diagrams. Presented by Andy Skadberg.

Read Trust Your Breath, by Desmond Green - establishing a new vocabulary based on Breath Consciousness